plannet org ukPlannet.org.uk is a leading consultant for ID solutions. We work with a number of companies through the UK to help them ensure there company runs safely and increase sales by keeping your staff feeling safe. What are some of the common methods we suggest? Well after working with a number event companies we find the foundation block of any identification to be placed in business is clearly identifying staff.

For example are all your staff clearly Identified by way of an ID card. We found that companies that have implemented such a system has led to a rise in sales and profits significantly. This is due to the fact that they feel safe and secure dealing with your employees throughout the sales process. This is often a common sense thought however many neglect to implement the system due to not knowing the cost effective way to put it into fulfilment.

One way is to purchase a ID card printer from a company such as Lesar. We have worked with Lesar a few times over the years and there service and knowledge of products has always been extremely high. To see there full range of ID card printers visit there website at http://www.lesar.co.uk/id-card-printer and see all there latest offers. Printing the ID cards in house is a cost effective way for the long term of your business. The on going costs are minimal with only ID cards and ID card printer ribbons needed to ensure your printer runs smoothly at all times. These come in at costs ranging from between £1.5 to £39.99. The last thing you will need is lanyards for your ID cards. Why? Well there is no point in having a ID card if it is not clearly on your person at all times. A lanyard makes this happen as a lanyard is similar to a fabric ribbon that acts as a necklace almost for your ID card. These can be customised to your businesses colours and logos to make you look even more professional. Lesar provide the full package and also supply the lanyards. Please see there lanyards page for more information. A little tip though, if you decide to purchase a ID card printer with Lesar it is worth calling them as in many situations they will actually throw in a number of lanyards and accessories free of charge.

The above method is our preferred first stop when it comes to helping a business to get on there way with the Identity solutions. Please contact us for more information or see http://www.lesar.co.uk/lanyards and further discounts on all our products.